A day of December

snow”Large snowflakes fall over the frozen ground and people with their families were adorning the christmas tree, waiting the Saviour, the loved Child. And there was joy in our house too, 18 children were preparing to receive gifts and wished to receive baby Jesus with poems and carols when, on the threshold, a weak little girl with blonde hair, blue eyes, sad face and humbled heart because her parents with whom she wanted to spend these holidays left her, depriving her of the parental love. Every child deprived of parental love is an orphan and we can only tell them that God is the father of the orphans who will take care of them in this sad and unjust world.

Her parents divorced and the girl swung between mother and father. She tells us that her mother kept telling her that it would have been better if she died. When her father arrived, he neglected her, not giving her the medicine she needed for her illness. The little girl with blonde hair is called C., she is 9yrs old and we hope that these holidays are a new beginning for her, to find peace and joy in our home.”

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