About Us

Our orphanage is located in the city of Lupeni, within the Hunedoara county. The city is one of the six towns of the mining area called the Jiul Valley. Our city has a population of about 24,000 inhabitants.

The area economy is monoindustrial – based mainly on coal extraction. In the years of communism people from across the country have been brought to these cities, to get as much coal as it is possible. But life was not too generous with them. Many died because of the accidents caused by explosions. Others remained disabled or plagued by various diseases.

After the fall of the communism, other troubles came. Large structuring in the mining field caused high unemployment, making the Jiul Valley one of the poorest areas of the country. In the middle of 2015, the unemployment rate was established at 12%. Poverty, combined with great moral crisis led to social problems, especially at the periphery of society.

One after another, parents went looking for a job outside of the country. The children were left in the care of grandparents or neighbors, and some of them end up being abandoned. In 2015, approximately 450 children are abandoned all over the city. One of this children never met their parents.
Today we face the great economic crisis. Jobs being so few, became hard to find, and bank debts suffocate many families.

Facing these turmoils and changes, the family – the basic constitution of the society and swing of the childhood, suffered greatly. For many children, the thought of a happy childhood remains just as a dream, without the involvement of others, will never become a reality.


In the midst of pain, God had a plan for the abandoned, for the unloved children. He had hope for their future. Since 1999 our hearts desire is to offer a shelter, provide food, clothes, education but most important, to teach them about God and His love and kindness.

orfe 2015

At present – 2018


At the beginning – 1992

This mission started with a vision: that every person from our church can support a child with just grams of sugar, oil and flour.

Right now, we give aid to 15 families and over 55 children. Others 20 children live in the orphanage.