Message for 2017

IMG_5301On holidays we went caroling, we enjoyed the gifts and rich meals, from where, because of your love, it did not lack the traditional dishes: steak with sausage, cabbage rolls and of course the cakes and sweet treats. When the weather was milder we went to Straja resort, hardly taking their bottoms of the sleds and their feet from the skis. When vacation ended, classes started at school and the youngest in kindergarten. The 11 musicians have taken the instruments they love(violin, guitar, mandolin, drums) to learn better to sing their sorrow or joy and also to delight us and praise God with their talent.

We further believe that God, who is the Father of the orphans will always find people full of love and compassion to be with these helpless children. Regarding this, we ask you to pray for us.

In the name of children,

Nemes Vasile

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