New Year at School – 2017/2018

                It was like yesterday when I heard the happy voices of our children: “Summer vacation is here, what a joy!” And now they stay and watch the leaves turning yellow, the birds who teach their babies the latest methods to fly and get to other lands, full of sun and warmth. It’s the last night of vacation and the most pleasant thing to do is remember memories. Memories from camp, from the water pool day, the summer vacation house or the hikings that they made.

                Not even knowing, the night is coming down and the sleep closes their eyes. The world of dreams catches them with it’s magic, making the night seem like a second. Then the morning comes and the mother in charge tells them: “Wake up, today we go to school!” Lots of noise around, everyone looking to dress up and get ready to look the best. In one corner of the room I see Ela, with her big wondering eyes. She is the youngest of them, and for her it’s the first year of school. I take her by the hand, feeling all her emotions and fears, I give her a hug and look to encourage her. We gather all in a big circle and we say a prayer, asking for God’s presence and protection over us.

                In a line we go together with the moms at school. Each of the children have flowers in their hands, for the teachers at school, showing their respect and gratitude.

          The school yard was filled with children accompanied by their mother, father or grandparents. Our children stood closer to us, by each of our hands hanging 2 or 3 of theirs. Probably wanting to show other children that they also have a mother, like them, a father like them. That they are not alone in this world. After the director’s speech, the children entered the class rooms and we got back to our worries for the new year of school.

                If it weren’t for your love, kindness and giving for these children, today I couldn’t have written this letter. This is why, in their name, I want to thank you and pray for God’s blessing over you!


With love,

Father Vasile


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