“Orphans of father, abandoned by their mother”

          ”Somewhere towards the edge of our city, in a cold apartment, a little girl of 11 years held her little brother only 3 years old. They are both crying as they see the influence of the alcohol bottles emptied one by one, their mother’s face that should have been the most pleasant, sweetest, most smiling face, turns into an ugly, red-eyed and nervous one. Her lips instead of speaking words of love and comfort, they uttered curses, screams and unknown words. The children were terrified and sad and wanted to cry after their father, but D. did not even know him, and for E. the story was sadder.

          She remembers her father and the good times spent with him, as they went in town together, as they played together in the park. Once, their family was a normal one but there came a day when their father fell ill. E., as a loving girl, sat next to him and helped him with what she could, until the last day when the soil of death has taken him from this world. Thus, E. and D. came among orphans and their mother among alcoholics. After all of these, the authorities intervened and decided that E. and D. to be brought to our home. E. goes to school every day, and D. to kindergarten, but after their educational program, they return to their new home, where they have who to call father and mother, where they share love and comfort, where they know the Father of the fatherless and His Son , Jesus Christ.

           We don’t know if the children’s father had a relationship with God, but we know that their mother needs our help and prayers to meet the One who can offer her freedom and salvation.”

Vasile Nemeș

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