Children’s Home Lupeni provides residential care for children in need.

We currently have 19 children with ages from 4 to 15 years.


These are the activities we run on a daily basis:

The children have psycho-social activities with the social workers, they play specific games to develop their social area also the physical one, each for their own ages.

Household activities, where all the children are tought to have responsibility in the house, they all know to wash clothes, help with cooking, serving the meals and washing dishes. We do believe these duties will help them in the future, to be ready for maintaining their own homes.

Many of the children in the orphanage come here with such negative experiences, so they need to find joy here, they need to have assurance that they are cared for.

All day long we have different activities, all the children go to school/kindergarten in the morning, then they serve the meal, after they wake up from their nap, they start doing their homeworks! And their favourite part of the day, is in the afternoon when they can have spare time, playing.


Reach the children in need, for which is impossible to remain with their natural family or relatives.

Give them a home in which to enjoy all that is necessary for good physical and mental development.

Care for the children in the best possible conditions, in a warm and loving environment, close to the church and the teachings of Holy Scripture, lead to the formation of a healthy character in moral values, spiritual and family are back of honor.

Guide and support the children to lead a smooth integration into society.