Spring of 2017


Slowly winter is leaving us even if sometimes it comes back to see if we are sad or happy. And we are both happy and sad. We keep in mind the days spent together and the days of celebration of Jesus’ Birth when we told the good news to elders and sick, we were so happy that through our voices we were able to bring smiles and joy to these people!

Then we enjoyed santa’s gifts and went into the mountains with sleds, facing the cold snow and the wild wind that made our cheeks go red! At the beginning of March, first snowdrops showed and we celebrated this beginning of spring with our hands, making cards and sending them to our dear ones.

On 8th of March, on Woman’s Day we shared flowers and remembered our mothers. We wanted to offer them a flower too. We looked in the distance but didn’t see anything. Maybe because we had too many tears in our eyes.

Now we are waiting for spring break and looking forward for the great celebration of the Resurrection and wish for nothing just that God will give all of you the joy we as children have and abundance of peace!

We thank you for your prayers and support that is given to us with so much love and we pray that God will bless your work!



The Children’s Home Lupeni &

Vasile Nemes

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